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asher is three months old!

These past three months have been the most crazy and amazing ones of our lives. Our life together has changed in ways we never even imagined! We are surprised at how much we know, and how much we don’t! He is teaching us so much 🙂  Today I am washing all of his 6-month clothes, and for the past week he has been wearing his 0-3 month clothes for the last time.  He has grown SO much in the past couple weeks!  My little man… getting bigger and stronger every day.

Things about this stage that I don’t want to forget:

– He’s on a really great schedule right now, every 3 hours it’s eat, play, nap. Repeat!

– He’s been sleeping pretty good!  Last night he did a four-hour stretch, and then a five.  Some nights he goes longer, some shorter.  I really don’t mind when he gets up – he wakes up hungry, I feed him, and he goes right back down.  I actually really love this sweet, quiet “us” time.

– He laughed for the first time on Friday, at the Whitecaps baseball game.  We were changing his diaper, and he peed all over Jamie.  We were both laughing out loud, and he joined in!  He laughed a couple times this morning too.  LOVE THIS!!!

– The more I have to get done in a day, the more clingy and cranky baby is.  It’s like he knows… Like right now, I can’t get this typed because he keeps fussing over here!!

– One thing he does NOT like is his car seat.  We keep hearing all these stories about parents who put their kids in the car to get them to sleep.  Asher is not one of these kids.  He does not enjoy car rides.

– I think he’s about done with the play mat.  I know, he just got it and loved it!  I think he’s just sick of lying on the floor.  He’s ready to be upright, and almost ready for his Exersaucer!!

– That said, one of his favorite games right now is lying on the floor and getting a blanket lightly thrown on him.  He anticipates it coming, and gets all excited once the air brushes over him and then the blanket.  He kicks his legs and arms and squeals with a big smile  🙂

– He’s started rolling over from his back to his side, and to his tummy too.  But he seems to have forgotten how to roll from tummy to back!

– He loves his reflection.  In fact, that is how he got motivated to roll to his side – he wanted a better view of that cutie in the mirror on his play mat 😉

– We have new wicker rocking chairs out on the deck, and he loves being out there.  So do we!  It’s a really nice, relaxing part of our day.  We sit out there with him on our laps facing out.  He likes the trees and the light, and listening to all the noises.  He and I sit out there a few times during the day, and the three of us unwind out there in the evenings.

– He’s been waking up all happy and adorable, gurgling and babbling to himself.  Once he’s ready for me to come get him, he gets louder, and it sounds like he’s yelling HEY!  HEY!!!  I get in there, and he has a big grin on his face.  Awesome way to wake up!

– He tries to say what we say – he studies our mouths moving and tries to do the same.  In fact, you gotta check out this video I recorded of him. He’s saying “I love you”! It’s right here on You Tube.

– Hm… what else?  He’s been really exploring with his hands and mouth – he grabs everything and puts it in his mouth.  He likes to chew on my hands, and those little gums are strong!

– His eyes are still bright blue, and his hair is still reddish.  It’s getting lighter though.   I don’t know if it’s turning blonde, or just lightening up in the sun.  We’ll see!

– And, of course… a few pictures of our handsome little guy, before he outgrows one of our favorite onesies:

undefinedundefinedundefinedHappy three months, baby boy!

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  • Erin N. - Good lord, Kristen, he’s gorgeous. Sounds like you all are having a ton of fun!ReplyCancel

  • Matt P - Handsome alright. But did Jamie buy that onesie? 🙂ReplyCancel

  • mom - omgoodness he is getting so big…all those cute expressions…cant wait to hear him laughing too. I should take one of my Dec weeks and exchange it for a fall week and come over on the train again…I miss my little Asher, oh and you guys too. 😛 He is growing up so fast, and you are doing a great recording it all. Love U3.ReplyCancel

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