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Christmas 2015

For the third Christmas in a row, we stayed in California due to my current ban on air travel. We used to go home every year for the holidays, so this is different for us. The first year, we had just closed on our house and were actually physically moving in. Last year we had family here for an early Christmas together, and then spent the rest of our Christmas vacation on Lake Tahoe. (Note to self: let’s go there again asap.) We missed spending time with our extended families, but it has been a nice change to make our own traditions too. There’s something really beautiful and peaceful about spending Christmas morning together, just us, with the California sunshine streaming through the windows. And there’s always Skype and FaceTime! Thank goodness for technology. It certainly doesn’t replace being together in person, but it sure makes us all feel much closer.

Also, both my mom and Jamie’s parents will be back in January when the baby comes!! Yeee!

So what did we do? Played with the new toys from Santa: a lot of Lego Dimensions playing, Magna-Tiles building, and remote-control car races around the house. Asher had his holiday program at school, where he refused to wear his bowtie, but was excited to sing and dance with his friends. Along with the rest of the country, we binge-watched the first 6 Star Wars movies, and then saw The Force Awakens in 3D IMAX.  The following week, the boys went and saw it again with friends. We spent a lot of time with friends too – having 11 days off was pretty awesome! Lots of brunches, dinners, movie dates, cookie-baking nights, nerf-gun wars at the park, and many too-late game nights. I think we can safely say, we finally know how to really play Catan. 😉




One of our traditions is to add decorations to the tree each year that have meaning. This year, we added the Disneyland castle from our trip, a frame with babe’s ultrasound picture (a gift from Jamie’s mom), and the Eiffel Tower from our trip to England & France earlier this year.



How cute are those slipper boots? Along with my other faves, these booties have been keeping my toes extra toasty, and my feet and back extra supported. Who knew orthotics could be so adorable? With a high arch, deep heel cup, and indoor/outdoor soles, these are versatile enough to wear anywhere. Especially adorable with leggings, which I totally live in these days.  Vionic, my achy pregnant body thanks you!

Can you find our little guy among all the other cuties below? He’s the one without the bowtie. Stinker 😉



Every now and then, I can convince Jamie to take a few pics of me and this belly of mine before baby is out. And then he makes fun of me for it and makes me laugh when I’m trying to be all artsy and serious. I know where Asher gets his stinker-ness from. 🙂 (But to be honest, I like the ones where I’m laughing a billion times more than the serious one that I was going for. Well done, Jame!)



I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / Ramadan / New Year / and everything else! It’s all a reason to celebrate. Happy Everything, loves!

xoxo, Kristen


Note: Vionic sent me the lovely slippers to wear, but the opinions and statements are all my own. 

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