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Leo :: 3 Months!

We are at that magical 3 month mark, the end of the “4th Trimester”! Little Leo is alert and happy, exploring and learning. He’s about 16 pounds, and wearing 9-, 12-, and even 18-month clothes. He’s right around 90th percentile for both height and weight, and has been from the beginning. So he’s proportional and doing great! I’m exclusively breastfeeding, and pretty proud of how healthy he is. I just want to eat those chubby thighs. Ah! (But instead, I’ll eat everything in the house I can find, and then I’ll finish off whatever you don’t eat too. For real. I thought I was hungry when I was pregnant.. ha! Nursing hunger is no joke!)

Back to Leo: He’s teething, so that’s been a bit of a challenge lately. He also loves to talk, and will babble on and on, telling stories with his sweet raspy voice. It’s the cutest! It started with him and Jamie having daily conversations in the morning, and after work. Now he’ll just start talking anytime to anyone 🙂 In the past week or two, he started doing what Asher used to do, angrily muttering to himself (and me) when he’s getting rocked down for a nap. “Bitching himself to sleep” as we call it. Haha 😀

Speaking of naps, he’s on a great eat-play-sleep schedule, rotating every 2.5-4 hours. He still loves to play on his playmat, and even likes tummy time now! He hasn’t rolled over yet, but he gets himself to his side. He prefers to be upright where he can see everything around him, so I tried out his jump-jump, and it’s a go! I just tuck a blanket around him to keep him secure, and put a box underneath so his feet can touch. Awesome! It’s his go-to place to play in the kitchen while I’m cooking or cleaning up.

At night, he’s been sleeping like a dream! I’m sorry to all the mamas still struggling at night, trust me, I feel you. I do. Asher was still up all night at this stage. Wonderbaby sleeps for one 7.5 hour stretch (cue angels singing) and then another 3 hour stretch until it’s time to get up for the day. We are all well-rested and it is FREAKING AMAZING. I swear I owe this to a book I read on French parenting. There’s this little nugget of info called “the pause”. It’s common sense, really, but when you have a newborn in the house and you’re exhausted and dehydrated and sleep-deprived and hungry and hormones are all over the place, the last thing you have is common sense. Am I right? Ok, so here’s all it is. When the baby starts stirring in bed, making some noise, kicking, and fussing… just pause for a couple minutes. Watch. Listen. He might actually be sleeping, and if you swoop in there to pick him up, you’re actually waking him. Ah! Try Pausing. Just give him a minute to settle himself. You’ll get to know his rhythms and cries better too. Best part? There should be no need to do a formal “cry it out” later – he’s learning it gently as you go.

Now, as murphy’s law goes, I typed that paragraph last night, and he was up screaming and starving FIVE TIMES last night. It happens sometimes. I chalk it up to a growth spurt or developmental leap, and give him the snuggles he needs. I know he’ll be back to normal soon. In the meantime, give me all the coffee. Just kidding, I’m drinking half-caff these days because too much caffeine aggravates us both. So maybe a nap later… we started with a walk to Asher’s school this morning, which is always wonderful and energizing. He loves to be outside! I’m sipping a smoothie now and feeling alive. Maybe I’ll even do my workout today. Ha! Maybe. 😉

Onto the cute 3-month pictures!!

bay area mom blogger

Those expressions. Love this kid! los-gatos-wedding-photographer-kholly_0728los-gatos-wedding-photographer-kholly_0729

Asher is so in love with Leo, it’s just amazing to watch. But we all do enjoy nap time in the house. Leo snoozes, Lexi snoozes, and Asher gets quiet time with his iPad. Everyone is happy and rested 🙂 los-gatos-wedding-photographer-kholly_0730los-gatos-wedding-photographer-kholly_0731los-gatos-wedding-photographer-kholly_0732los-gatos-wedding-photographer-kholly_0733

Love you, little one! xoxo, Mommy

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