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Asher :: 5 Years

Asher James. 5 years old.

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I want to say “I can’t believe he’s five!”, but truth is, I totally can. He seems so adult most of the time, it feels like he’s been 5 for awhile already. Sometimes I forget how little he actually is, and I have to remind myself.  In the past year, he has really started to become his own person, starting to separate from what he has learned from us, what he’s learned from school, and what he’s learning from friends. He’s forging his own identity, and finding his own way. He has his own personality, sense of humor, passions, loves, fears. He’s smart, clever, and notices everything. He’s curious and asks a lot of questions. He listens and evaluates. He’s quick to correct us when we’re wrong, but also quick to accept correction when it’s the other way around. He’s always been very rational, and values truth and fact. Of course, he IS still a preschooler, and certainly has his irrational moments, don’t get me wrong! But he’s getting much better at controlling the irrational primitive impulses that come with the age.

The other side of him is sensitive, compassionate, and empathetic. He has a heart bigger than the sky. When I’m stressed out or having a crap afternoon, he tunes into it right away and tries to cheer me up. He lights up when he hears Jamie’s motorcycle pull into the driveway and can’t wait to play, tease, and rough house with him. He loves to snuggle at bedtime and talk about our day. He loves his little brother like crazy. He loves his whole family, and he loves his friends. He is a phenomenal little person, and I feel beyond lucky to be his Mom. He’s my man, my babe, my first. He’s my friend, my little buddy. My Asher.


Love you, big guy. xoxo, Mommy