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three month baby

Leo :: 3 Months!

We are at that magical 3 month mark, the end of the “4th Trimester”! Little Leo is alert and happy, exploring and learning.View full post »

Leo :: 10 weeks

Little Leo is ten weeks already! Eep! I have lots of pics from the past two and a half months, but well, why not jump right in right here?View full post »

san jose baby photographer

Welcome Baby Leo!

It’s been nothing but crickets over here on the blog lately, and for good reason! In January, we welcomed our second little one intoView full post »

watching the rain

Finally, a full day of rain, and temperatures below 70. It has been a HOT dry summer. It felt amazing to have the windows open, but I haveView full post »


new mama rite of passage: the first pukey kid

I have never felt so much like a MOM as I do today. Yes, I’m a mom. I’ve gone through pregnancy, childbirth, and myView full post »

first birthday party!

Pictures from Asher’s First Birthday party!  It was a gorgeous spring day! The night before, I made a batch of blackberry sangria andView full post »

First Birthday!

Happy Birthday Asher! You are ONE!! I can’t even believe how quickly the time has gone. You’ve gone from our sweet newborn toView full post »

first haircut!

Asher had his very first haircut last week! He did awesome, and he looks so very handsome 🙂 He looks so little!View full post »

eleven months

Eek! My baby is almost a year old! We’ll soon be done with our little monthly photo shoots. I’ll still update of course, butView full post »

ten months and butterflies

I’m way late on the ten month post! We’re over halfway to eleven!  What is baby boy up to?  Mostly the same as last check-in:View full post »

he climbs, he stands!

Oh I love to climb up things and stand up tall! The stools, chairs, couches, window seat, mommy’s legs, the toilet… you nameView full post »