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Very sick yesterday.  Today is better.  I like toast and saltines.  That’s about it.

At eight weeks, baby is starting to look human, with eyelids and little arms and legs, and webbed toes and fingers!  He or she is about the size of a kidney bean.  He/she is developing lungs and neural pathways in the brain.  Good job, little one!

I had a wedding today, just three hours.  When I got home, Jamie had a yummy pot roast waiting for us!  Delicious dinner and a movie.  Perfect evening!

Day two of knowing we’re going to have a baby!  Still sinking in!  I have a ton of meetings to get through today.  First stop – drop off Jamie and go do my bloodwork.  “Is this your first pregnancy?” Gah, that sounds so crazy!!  I had a piece of toast that morning, but it was obviously not enough… Nurse had to do a lot of poking and moving that needle around, which I hate anyway.  Who doesn’t?  Ick!  Fine the first time, and then she had to go in again.  I got hot.  And dizzy. She called in another nurse with a wet towel, told me to bow my head. Didn’t help. The second they got all the blood they needed, I was in the bathroom.  Barfed.  Embarrassed.  Oy.  They were really sweet, waited for me outside the bathroom, and gave me some OJ and told me to hang out in the chair until I felt better.

Next meeting – 11:30 with Brides Michigan Magazine.  Feeling much better.  I picked up some cookies for our meeting, but she didn’t have any.  I scarfed about four of them after she left, hee 🙂   Met my friend/bride Amanda at Panera to bring her wedding disc and catch up.  I had to tell her, we have a trip coming up that I’ll have to cancel, my first OB appointment will be during that time.  She jumped out of her chair and spilled her water cup, she’s excited 🙂 We talked about canceling the trip. I feel awful, but I hope we do. I’ve been way too sick already, and overbooked, and overwhelmed with work and everything.

Picked up Jamie, headed downtown for Kalin’s one-year session.  Went really well, he’s such a cutie!  Dinner at Peppino’s with Laura and Matt, I didn’t get a drink, and didn’t even get questioned.  Surprised 😉  We’ll tell them soon too!

  • Laura Fouty - We didn’t question you but we questioned each other on the drive home! LOL.ReplyCancel

  • Mom & Lowell - Oh, baby…its hard for me to know you are sick…stay strong, eat well and rest. I remember all too well, its all coming back to me…lol. You will make it through, your Dad and me did, and we didnt think we’d be able to do it…well we didnt even think that, we just went day by day and had each other. We,too, lived a ways from family and felt kinda alone. (In Hibbing). You both will be fine, give each other a hug really often. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Holbert - All I know is I’m so glad I got to be apart of that day! That was so amazing. It’s true, I completly spilled my water glass! You guys are going to be great parents! This is all so great! YAY!ReplyCancel

Omigoodness.  It’s true.

I was about 3 weeks late, figured I better take a test.  It’s not unusual for me to be late, but this is REALLY late.  7:00 am, Jamie just left for work. I placed it on the counter, and took a peek at the little window, even though you’re supposed to wait 5 minutes.  OMG two lines!!!  TWO!!!

Oh my god, oh my god oh my god!!!!  I ran and woke up Lexi, picked her up and danced around – we’re having a baby!!!!!  Immediately got on, and everywhere else.  Too early to call the OB, and I had questions!!  At 9:02 am, called our OB to make an appointment.  “Hi, this is Kristen Carlson, I’m a patient of Dr. F, and I just got a positive pregnancy test!  Eee!” She’s ordering a prescription for prenatal vitamins for me, and bloodwork for tomorrow.  I’m pregnant!!!!  So happy, so excited.  Can’t wait to tell Jamie!  Spent all day smiling and peeking at the stick again.  Can’t wait for him to get home!!!  Had cereal for lunch, puked it up.  Wow, this happens fast 😉

According to the first day of last period method, we’re at 7.5 weeks, due around April 29!

4:15 pm:  Tied a ribbon around Lexi’s neck, the one from my wedding dress. Put in a little note that says, “Mama’s Pregnant!!!  We love you Daddy, Lexi & Baby”  He opened it, looked up at me smiling and said, “Are you kidding?”  I cried, shook my head, he grabbed and hugged me, we both laughed and smiled, and laughed some more, we’re pregnant!!!!

We had an event with friends and colleagues that night, and it was VERY hard to hide our excitement.  But we managed.  Gotta tell our parents first!

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  • Mom&Lowell - This is so sweet.
    Lexi had a very important job. Good job Lexi 🙂
    She will be a very good Pupper-sister for Lil Peanut 🙂
    Congratulations you 2 (3)… so happy to hear this wonderful news. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Cindi - LOVE this!!! And so cool you found out on my original due date 🙂ReplyCancel