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We’re home from Minnesota!  Christmas was wonderful, we got to spend lots of time with our families, and friends too.  Asher got snuggles and loves from his grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins. And the boy got a whole new wardrobe, and tons of toys from his older cousins!  We love the hand-me-downs, they are proven favorites 🙂 It’s definitely time for a toy box, the toys are taking over!

Of course this evening, he was far more interested in these awesome toys. A laundry basket and hangers!

baby chooses laundry basket over toys

  • mom - he’s helping mommy with the laundry. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Deb - I love it! All those toys and he is playing with hangers 🙂 I missed the little guy (and his smile), glad you guys had a great time and made it home without snow storms!
    My little Austin left yesterday. My shoulders and arms are so sore from holding him all the time. Loved every minute!
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  • LeolaK - This is too adorable!! Glad your Christmas was great!!ReplyCancel

Babyboo is seven months! He’s officially mobile, and full of personality. Or “full o beans” as Jamie says 🙂  He cracks us up with his goofy faces, funny noises and long strings of spirited babbles. He’s hilarious. And his little two-tooth smile is to die for!! He’s very curious, and totally mobile, which keeps me on my toes! He’s not crawling on all fours exactly, but he can pull himself anywhere he wants to go with just his arms. His legs wiggle and kick, but they’re not propelling him just yet. He’s going to be VERY fast once he coordinates the two! He’s super strong and loves to play the stand up – sit down game. He likes pulling himself up to standing, dancing a little, and then going -boom!- back down on his booty and starting over. He’s super smart, and is pretty much over the snuggly, jingly toys and is onto figuring out how things work. He holds things in one hand, and explores with the other, eyebrows furrowed. Then it goes in the mouth for a final check!

Foodwise, I’m still nursing and making his fruits and veggies! According to the most recent data on breastfeeding, approximately 40% of babies are breastfed at 7 months (non exclusively, meaning they get solids and/or occasional formula). That’s actually more than I thought it would be!  Go mamas!  That number keeps climbing each year, which is SO good! When he gets solids, we all eat together at the table. We love taking that time to chat, eat and reconnect. Lexi loves it too, she camps out under Asher’s highchair waiting for those little treats to fall 🙂

Speaking of Lexi, we had a little scare last week. Being a miniature dachshund, we know that it is highly likely that she will have back problems as she ages. One evening, she wouldn’t jump up on the couch with us like normal, and stopped halfway up the stairs. She’d wimper and groan when we’d pick her up. We waited overnight, and when she wasn’t better in the morning, we called her vet. She’s on a steroid and painkillers right now and will be for the next two weeks. After that, hopefully she’ll be back to normal. It sounds like it’s maybe just a small inflammation or injury that will hopefully heal up. She’s only 5, I really hope we don’t have to start thinking about surgery yet!  She is doing great on her meds, she’s jumping and playing like normal 🙂

Back to Asher – he is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!  Hallelujah!  Up until a few weeks ago, he’d sleep through most of the night, but wake for one or two feedings. Not the worst sleeper, but at 6 months, I was definitely ready for even a single full night of sleep. I had heard great things about Ferber’s book, but had been putting it off. Finally, after a couple sleepless nights, Jamie insisted I get it so we could start “ferberizing”. I was nervous about the cry-it-out part, so we agreed that we wouldn’t do anything until I had a chance to read the whole book. Turns out, the reason baby kept waking at night is that his schedule wasn’t quite hitting the spot. Up until now, I’d been doing the EASY method – eat, activity, sleep, you time. He’d wake and eat, be up for about 2 hours, and nap. Repeat. It made his final bedtime a little too inconsistent. And some days he’d have 3 naps, some days he’d have 4. It was working, and is great for a young baby, but at 6 months he was ready for more structure. He was napping too much during the day, and therefore having trouble sleeping all night long. He was ready to party at 4am! So, following the book’s advice, I shifted him to a 3-nap schedule. On that FIRST DAY, no kidding, he slept the entire night! Amazing!!! Once we had that schedule nailed down, we could start putting him to bed awake rather than rocking him to sleep. The problem with rocking him to sleep, is that if he awoke at night, he’d be confused and not know where he was or how he got there. Instead of falling back to sleep, he’d cry and want me to rock him back down. Imagine you fall asleep in your bed, and wake up on your living room floor. You want your bed back, right? Totally makes sense. But if he falls asleep in his crib on his own, if he wakes, he is able to fall asleep on his own again. The first night was hard, but we stayed strong. I re-read the chapter between checking on him to keep my confidence in what we were doing. He fell asleep by the fourth check-in. Second night, just one visit. Third night and on, not a peep. I lay him down, kiss his forehead, and rub his belly as I tell him I love him, and that it’s bedtime. One last “goodnight baby, I love you” as he watches me close the door. Sometimes a couple little babbles and coos, and he’s down for the night. It’s been 3 weeks, and we are ALL rested and feeling good.  I’m a believer!

Enough of the updates. Ready for some pictures?  Thought so!  Little Asher, on his 7-month birthday 🙂


We’re excited for Christmas 🙂undefined

Show me those teeth!!undefinedundefinedundefined

Oh by the way, we’re sitting up now. No big deal 😉undefined

Oh miss Lexi… I love you sweet girl 🙂undefinedundefinedundefined

And Asher loves you too 🙂  Thank you for being so patient and gentle with him.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

They’re going to be best friends for a looooong time  🙂

  • LeolaK - OMG…the pics of Asher petting Lexi….ADORABLE!!! Beautiful little man you guys have there! I love the updates…thanks for sharing! and Yaaaaayyy to sitting up!ReplyCancel

  • matt - Glad he’s sleeping well! Can’t wait for those sleepless nights come this June! 🙁ReplyCancel

Chris and Gary (Jamie’s parents) are having a hard week. Gary was up north for a hunting weekend when he came down with something really nasty and had to rush home.  They don’t know what it is yet, but he’s been in and out of the clinic over the past few days. And Chris hurt her back and is feeling pretty awful herself. We’ve been thinking about them a lot, and praying for them to both be back on their feet soon!  If you have a couple to spare, they could use your prayers and well wishes! 🙂

Nanny and Grandpa, Asher wanted me to tell you that he’s thinking of you too!  Get better soon!!  Excited for lots of kisses and snuggles when we come home next month!


  • Kristen - We love you!!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie - Miss you guys!! Get well and see you soon! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Laura Fouty - Hope you both feel better soon! Will be praying for a speedy recovery!ReplyCancel

  • Matt Fussy - Fell better! My thoughts and prayers are for you to get well!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Sleeman - Awww, I love this! What a thoughtful Grandson 🙂 Sending hugs. SxxReplyCancel

  • Dickie and Lila - We hope and are praying that you both will be feeling better soon. We want to get together and go out to eat when you both are well. Hope to see Jamie, Krissy and Asher when they come home too.ReplyCancel

  • Erin N. - Good thoughts and vibes sent!ReplyCancel

  • George Bohn - Praying for you both to feel better soon!ReplyCancel

  • Laura Feinauer - Even though we haven’t had a chance to meet yet, we’ve heard wonderful things about you from Jamie and Kristen. I hope you are both feeling better soon!ReplyCancel

  • Matt Fouty - My thoughts and prayers are with you.ReplyCancel

  • Renee Idziak - Thinking of you both……get better soon 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Chris Carlson - Aww, thank you everyone for your well-wishes, and a special thank you to Asher <3, Kristen and Jamie for a very thoughtful 'get well' greeting (it brought tears to my eyes.)

    Just thinking about seeing you all next month makes us feel better!! We can't wait to catch up on four months' worth of cuddles and kisses that we have been holding for Asher (plus a few for J & K) We love you guys <3 xxxReplyCancel

  • Will Metz - Thinking of you both, get well soon!!ReplyCancel

  • Rach - I hope you are both feeling better soon! You are like family to me and as always, you are in my prayers. Love ya both and can’t wait to see you around Christmas!ReplyCancel

  • Kristen K. - Sending well wishes and prayers your way! Love, Juan, Kristen, and Orin.ReplyCancel

  • mom - Hope you 2 are feeling better now, its no fun being sick or hurt, and really hard when both are trying to help each other out. That’s when the ‘better or worse’ vows recall comes into play. This past weekend was weird for us too… spent a day in the ER, Lowell had one of those ‘gallbladder attacks’ and there is no gallbladder, its been months since anything and then bam…he’s better now with some spasm med, but there is still a nagging problem with that all the time, and he’s had a cold or sinus thing for over month too….blahhh so far I’ve been ok (did you hear the wood-knock?) Get better, the holidays are coming up fast 🙂 Cant wait to see you kids too. 🙂ReplyCancel

Asher is six months old!  I can’t even believe it. I feel like he just arrived, like this is still brand new. Where did these months go? Every now and then as he’s falling asleep in my arms, I just linger there watching him drift off, feeling his tiny heartbeat, listening to his sweet breaths. I’m afraid one of these times he’ll wake up and be 15 years old. ::sigh:: I love my little man.

undefined(iphone pictures, too cute – no time to grab real camera!)

So what’s new this month?

He’s about 16.5 lbs, sitting up, rolling both ways, and dancing!  Crawling isn’t too far off – he lifts his whole body off the floor and wiggles his butt around. As soon as he figures out how to make those legs propel him forward, there’ll be no stopping him! He’s still a great sleeper, but not always all the way through the night.  It’s still pretty typical for me to get up with him at least once.

Food, we’re still going strong with breastfeeding! He’s had oatmeal and rice cereal for quite awhile now, and we’ve added in a couple new foods to his menu.  So far, apples and peas are a hit! He loves apple oatmeal in the morning 🙂 We’re still working on sign language, mostly words that relate to eating (milk, food, more, all done).

Cloth diapering… ugh. I hate to even admit this, but it was a failure. Asher wasn’t comfortable in them no matter how tight or loose I put them on, and they leaked constantly. I ended up changing his clothes 5 times in just one morning/afternoon because he kept getting wet. Increasing our laundry by that much pretty much negates any good I was doing by not using disposables. Major bummer.  I DO, however, really like using reusable wipes!  I have a little stack of plush, clean, dry wipes by his diapers. I made my own simple wipe solution and keep it in a little bottle, and drip a little onto half of the cloth to clean him up. I use the dry half to get him nice and dry before putting on a new diaper. He’s super clean, and it’s gentle on his skin. At least we got something out of that little experiment. Anyone want to buy 6 FuzziBunz One Sizes?

Other than that, he’s a happy little guy!  No teeth yet, which I kinda love. I’m crazy about that gummy smile 🙂

  • Valerie - What a bummer about the cloth diapers. At least the wipes ended up working well, that’s going to save a bunch. How much do you want the fuzzibunz for?ReplyCancel

  • Cindi T - UGH- I hated Fuzzibunz! We love Applecheeks and Rumparooz- if you ever want to try again 🙂 Can’t believe how quickly he’s grown- and he’s soooo cute!ReplyCancel

  • Aletha - Ah! So sorry I talked you into cloth diapers. As you know my adventure isn’t going well either. We’ve been in disposables again for a month & Monday I get my cloth back from a friend who tried to strip them for me. I am sooooo hoping they work again! At least the reusable wipes worked out 🙂 I think they work SO much better than disposable.

    So fun to read how Asher is doing. We must get together soon 🙂ReplyCancel